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Hi I'm Tracy

Thank you for taking time to browse this page - is it curiosity that brings you here, or have you a worry or dilemma you would like to share.

I am a Freelance Therapist working independent from the NHS, or GP surgeries.  I work from my practice in Belton, near Great Yarmouth.

What brings me to working as a Therapist - Life and the challenges it can bring us, sometimes very uncomfortable ones - I personally have experienced painful Loss, Bereavement, Family Issues, etc.  

I work Integratively - that means not just one model of Therapy can always "help" - but a few ways of working can be beneficial to you, - it depends what you would like - whether it's a session or two - or longer term sessions.

Therapy can be challenging, invigorating, up-lifting, it can feel painful - as you may be going over uncomfortable area's you may have put in the back of your mind.   When we feel low in the present - sometimes all the past issues can pop up too.



Counselling is a “talking therapy”. You have conversations about your problems with a trained professional. You can have conversations with your counsellor about difficult feelings, managing a difficult life circumstance or event, or about being puzzled over your behaviour.

At your conversations will invite queries from your counsellor. 

The counselling relationship you’ll build (through weekly, private sessions) will grow to help you to make important changes to your life. You might explore troubling – even terrifying (if you wish) – thoughts and feelings.


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:- there are a  few counsellors to choose from!

How do you choose the best counsellor for you?

The best counsellor for you is… the one that you get on well with – it’s the relationship between you and therapist that matters!

Yes, the counsellor’s qualifications and experience are important too, but those count very little when you just don’t get on well with each other.

So, on this page I’m going to help you make an informed decision about if I,  Tracy Carter am the counsellor who is just right for you.


Our first session is discussing what you would like to work on, therapy does take time, please take that into consideration - a life-time of anxiety/depression, dealing with loss, etc will not go away over night. 

If you just want to "dip your toe in the Counselling stream" and have a session or two - if it helps you!

Sometimes embracing and accepting things you cannot change is a huge step forward on your way to whatever heals you.

 Please do get in touch - if I can't answer do leave a brief message and I will reply as soon as I can.


Each Session is    50 minutes   

£25 - Individuals  (Age 13+ - Older Adult) 

£35 - Couples              

£50 - Families 

PARENTS/GUARDIANS - if your son/daughter/teen is having difficulties - please talk to them - they may be going through there own turmoil - if they wish to seek outside help  (although it is there choice you cannot force them) discuss there options and if they feel they would benefit from a few sessions for support/counselling/ to off-load - please do get in touch. 

All Clients MUST consent to attend - no consent no session.  Please do not book an appt for your friend/partner  - no one is forced to attend.


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